Syrik: Valhalla

Torik's Journal - Entry 18

We were able to get word out to our crew, my father, and those in my father’s circle of trust about the unique dangers we face. Hopefully some good can come of it. We have time before electing a new king but a lot can happen before then.

We’re heading into Albion to try and find Silstunga’s mentor or something like that. I don’t know if she’s being secretive or she really doesn’t know where he is. I imagine he’s probably pretty similar to Sil herself. Hoping we don’t have to be dealing with assassins and their ilk – not my preferred fight. We’re going to meet up with a mercenary company, maybe get some info and find some work to do at the same time.

We found some bandits, or more accurately Sil found and killed them all before we showed up. Not much of a challenge. There’s a fair bounty on them, apparently. We know where their main camp is, and we’re going to take them down. Feels good to be doing something of moral worth again. Maybe my share can go to help the people at home. I’m hoping we can get this errand done and go help my people. We will need to pull together if we are to overcome this evil trying to drive us apart. But when SIlstunga’s kind of accomplices are involved, it is rarely so simple.


satheyo Saitken

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