Syrik: Valhalla

Syrik Valhalla: Recap (Session 1)

Session 1) 6/18/18

Last time on Syrik: Valhalla, our heroes all shared a strange dream of being strapped down to a table, while an unbearable burning pain is seared into the back of their next. Out of the darkness they hear a man’s voice saying it is not their time yet, as he releases them.

Everyone wakes to find themselves in the Meadhall of Keflavik, the back of their neck still hot to the touch and tingles with pain. Investigating a bit and talking among those marked, they speak with the Jarl, about what may have caused this. He informs them that he is unsure but the village priest, Ásgeir Tähtinen may have the answers that they seek.

Traveling onward to the stave church atop the hill, they meet with Ásgeir and learn that upon their necks, carved into their flesh lies runic markings, such that he has never seen before, he informs the PCs to travel the a tower deep within the forest east of town and ask the Mage there for information, for surely he would know what is going on.

Making their way out of town, the PCs must camp for the night, setting up a single tent, and three sleeping rolls around a fire, they rest. Shortly after the one on watch sees a fine mist roll into camp, it does not enter the tents, nor does it near the flames of the campfire, but the PCs have heard of this mist before, whilst in the town, they have heard how it has driven madness into those that touch, or drive those away, leading them deeper into the mist.

Ever watchful, the PC on watch hears a snapping twig, looking up they see figures in the mist closing in on their camp. Waking their allies, the PCs ready themselves for combat.

After a brief period of combat, the PCs slay the last creature, white-skinned, ugly beasts that made clicking noises as well as screeches. They are unsure of their name or origins, but these beasts are most certainly fae. Amidst the combat one of the PCs touched the mist, feeling a searing pain as if bamboo rods were hammered under his finger-nails; however, this pain was felt all over. It subsided upon returning close to the fire.

The PCs rest and recover their wounds, waiting till the mist subsides before pressing on, making their way further north to round the marsh before trekking south-east towards the wizard’s tower.

Reaching a bridge, the PCs see something up ahead. Session End.

  • 300xp Each for combat.

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