Syrik: Valhalla

Torik's Journal - Session 8

It seems that fate has given me a bit more time to hone my skills. We investigated the smoke that we saw earlier and found it to be an Orc camp. I didn’t understand a word they said, but somehow the deal became that the mermaid fights their champion for a cure for the mist born disese and an alliance to defeat the troops garrisoned in the fort. Runs defeated the Orc champion and things proceeded smoothly. We are still outmanned, but hopefully we can make this work. I’m familiar enough with the Orcs to know that they have respectable battle prowess, but these creatures we face are unnatural and superhuman.

Apparently these Orcs used to live in the fort, and have provided maps. I hope that fighting for their home gives them an edge……I have a feeling they will need it.

Bael's Journal 6


Solvi's Journal 2

It seems many of these pages have been left blank during my journey, perhaps it is time to change that.

But where to start?

So many events have unfolded sense my time in this place. I must believe in the all fathers wisdom in sending me here, with these people, but it is hard to see the end through the fog of this battle field.

My prayers, my communications with my Father, my brothers, my family have all been lost to the void in the past days. I know this mission was to be my own, but even so, such silence, such disconnection, is worrisome. I know something to be wrong, and my blood screams at me to return home and fight. To free my family from what ever cage has kept even the all father silent. To spill the blood and shatter the souls of those that would take up arms against my homeland. But it is here I was sent in the all fathers wisdom, and it is here I shall remain, for now.

These people that that have gathered to the All Fathers call are very strange. I can sense some companionship growing in some (The fish woman does make a find meed) I can also sense distrust and perhaps ill will seeping through us. This company is not as strong as I would desire, both on the field and in its bonds to each other. But by the gods, I have not found how to make a connection with them. No drinking before battle? No drinking after a battle in celebration? Or in mourning? Or in the morning? What in the hells is wrong with these peoples thinking? Still though, if we are to work together, we must strengthen our self as a unit, and I must figure out how.

Torik's Journal - Session 7

We went forward with our plan to sneak into the caves through the water. I am thankful I know how to swim, but it turns out the waters weren’t too rough. Oddly enough, the first thing we found was this blue gremlin…..creature. Few of us speak his language, and we know little of his race. Still, he seems to be excited to help us. He says, apparently, that he has been banished from his people. Perhaps the kinship I feel is because I can relate in some way. I know what it is like to be ostracized from your kin. Perhaps I am being told falsehoods, as I cannot understand him after all. I do not think my companions would lie to me, however. Either way, the creature has powerful magic and we could use that. Bael, at least, is willing to let him come along due to his magical crafting equipment. How he acquired it I haven’t a clue, but if he is willing to craft or let Bael use it…….I would not say no to improved armaments.

He told us that the mist is caused by an arcane machine, and that it was powered by sacrifices. I wondered if this contraption was the birthplace of the clickers, but it is apparently man-made. We’re set to destroy it, but I had my doubts that it would be that easy….

Our approach was so miraculously easy that I suspected a trap. We passed an empty guard garrison and found ourselves staring at this infernal source. Arria went unconscious for a moment, and she apparently foretold of an ambush. We retreated before an engagement, I do not know if she was right but I felt she was. I thought that she had a bit of Odin’s wisdom, having been resurrected. Apparently, however, she is the child of a God, and not the only one I travel with. I don’t know how well I belong in the company of Demigods, but I will give it my all as to not disappoint. The little blue creature, he has some kind of ritual to keep the mist away. It seems to have worked, but I have my misgivings. It is blessed to some kind of priestess. it’s said that it banished instead of wards, but I concern myself of strange magic from unusual gods.

We are traveling back to the town in order to get reinforcements. It seems Alborg is our eventual destination. I think I have pleased mighty Thor, as I feel stronger – and on the cusp of becoming stronger still. I still don’t know how I will face my kin again. Perhaps it was rash of me to take such offense to their attempts at scorn. I would have preferred to come back after having more heroic deeds under my belt. However, I cannot let my pride keep me from trying to stem this tide of evil. Many have already died, and more will. This is only the beginning, supposedly, as the mists will begin to spread to more populated areas. My blood boils at the thought of more death, destruction and fear. I don’t plan to live in fear, and I won’t let my kinsman die such dishonorable deaths. I know my kin, the men i served with. They deserve a death worthy of Valhalla, not the depths of the underworld. I will protect them from this dishonor, even if my pride be the cost.

Torik's Journal - Session 6

Today has been a day of turmoil and strange revelations. While leaving the hag’s house, revealing oddities such as a suit of skin, Silstunga found some kind of enchanted presence. Arria and Runa were lured into a bog by some invisible creature. We managed to save the mermaid but Arria died in the process.

We tried to debate what to do with her body, I didn’t think we could make this journey without her. I think there is something signaled out about our group. I was trying to come up with some method of raising her when she sort of….awoke. She told tales of Odin sending her back, saying he was imprisoned. I shudder to think of the power that could chain the All-Father. Is this the power we are to be set against? I cannot shirk away from this fight, but we will need to become stronger to defeat it.

Along the trip towards the dam we found smoke, as if coming from a hearthfire. Nobody had known of a village in the area, perhaps a logging camp? I’d like to check in on it when we return this way. We also found a strange icy spire. Solvi seemed to anger them a bit, flying around their tower drunkenly. We left before a conflict was raised. We don’t need that, not now.

We let our scouts do their thing while we planned and rested. They returned with dire news. Though Runa found an underground passage, it is apparently patrolled by some giant fish monster. The fortress itself, according to Silstunga, is garrisoned by a small, living army. I offered to try and call upon some of my military friends, but it fell towards the wayside. Some don’t support Sils plan of retreat. The boy’s father wishes for vengeance and justice. I understand his pain as well as I can. The idea fell by the wayside….this is okay. I don’t feel like I have earned the right to return home with pride yet. I think we could take this fortress in small degrees, but apparantly the soldiers inside can live off their stocks and crops for awhile. it won’t matter depending on how quickly they can call in reinforcements or not. We are going to keep watch, observe how they hunt, and try to pick them off. It’s a good compromise. I am tempted to take solace in the fact that we may return after death, but this is not a solid tactic to rely on….

Bael's Journal Session 5


Torik's Journal - Session 4/5

Apparently, while trying to excavate this dragon skeleton, those that touch it had some vision of the apocalypse. Of a great dragon coming to rain doom upon us all. I am thinking that maybe this is the reason we have been marked, trying to stop this thing that we could not have prevented from rising. Maybe this is me just being hopeful about terrible happenstance, but I suppose it could fit. There was some bizarre gem buried under the beast as well – what it is lies beyond us. I am a bit frustrated pecking at straws out here, but we don’t have time to lose.

I might be wrong, but I feel some level of approval from mighty Thor. Power flowed through me recently, strengthening my sword-arm and guiding my hand. If i focus, I can see the foulness in a creature, pronounce judgement upon it. My blood stirs, ready to bring justice and fury to those that would take advantage of the people of my homeland.

We uncovered a rhyme that points us to a dam in the middle of the forest, a fortress where we might learn more about these mists. We were able to grab a boat and a crew to head out there, though we’ve already been harried. Some great black monstrosity charmed about half the crew and our party. Luckily, we were able to destroy it. We tracked down the beast’s lair, hoping to find some of it’s prey alive. Unfortunately, we found none alive. There was evidence of dark sacrifices and brutal rites. I am deeply saddened that we could not do more, I know not who these people were, but they deserved better.

I hope that whatever is at this dam brings us relief from the mists, or at least answers to the cause. I don’t wish to see any more sights like the elf child in the bloody pool. This needs to end to that we can take back our towns.

Bael's Journal Session 4



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