Syrik: Valhalla

Torik's Journal - Entry 18

We were able to get word out to our crew, my father, and those in my father’s circle of trust about the unique dangers we face. Hopefully some good can come of it. We have time before electing a new king but a lot can happen before then.

We’re heading into Albion to try and find Silstunga’s mentor or something like that. I don’t know if she’s being secretive or she really doesn’t know where he is. I imagine he’s probably pretty similar to Sil herself. Hoping we don’t have to be dealing with assassins and their ilk – not my preferred fight. We’re going to meet up with a mercenary company, maybe get some info and find some work to do at the same time.

We found some bandits, or more accurately Sil found and killed them all before we showed up. Not much of a challenge. There’s a fair bounty on them, apparently. We know where their main camp is, and we’re going to take them down. Feels good to be doing something of moral worth again. Maybe my share can go to help the people at home. I’m hoping we can get this errand done and go help my people. We will need to pull together if we are to overcome this evil trying to drive us apart. But when SIlstunga’s kind of accomplices are involved, it is rarely so simple.

Torik's Journal - Entry 17

The raids ended in disaster, and the high king is dead. We did not realize that, with our gods bound, our fate was already decided. A twist of fate, a word of kindness may have been the only thing that saved the lives of my friends and I. Apparently there was a trickster in the kings court that led him here to certain doom. I wish that we had said something about the gods – we were trying to prevent a panic but this is worse.

Being in Valhalla was an odd sensation, as it didn’t feel deserved. Leaving felt worse, but I suppose I will be back one day. I’m glad that my parents still live, as they will be needed. There’s going to need to be a moot to elect a new King. We cannot allow the Jarl that absconded with Thor’s hammer to take the Throne. Hopefully between my father and the town of Kefvalvik we can keep him out.

Being a returned is an unusual sensation. Knowing I am different, but still the same to most people, is strange. The power is a blessing but one that had come at a high cost. We can’t fail again, we mustn’t. We cannot afford another incident like this.

On the good side of things, we are apparently close to being able to free Thor, who can help us greatly. It also brings me no small amount of comfort knowing my God will be free, though I’ve been told that’s not how it works. Apparently we have time to put our personal affairs in order – I am glad I can help my kinsmen, we know we all need it now.

Torik's Journal - Entry 16

So we’re finally going to begin our attack on this capital city. This honestly suits me fine, I am ready to return to the shores of the homeland. While the army attacks the front, Silstunga has come up with some plan for us to strike out at the mages to cut off their arcane might. While I’m not one for sneaking about while the army fights a war for us, these mages are the most threatening thing to us they posses. Cutting off their assistance would aid us immensely. I had to talk some people down from burning down the main church. Even if there wasn’t an element of something resembling respect, I would rather not invite a multitude of curses to come down on us.

I hope these specialist missions serve the goal of having us be recognized for bravery and heroism. The feats that await us when we return home are great, and i fear we will need the support of the nations behind us. I don’t know what we will attempt to accomplish first – I hope my allies will go to investigate the cursed barrow as soon as possible, but I understand we have a multitude of goals. I at least think we should clear out the personal business before getting our main quests out of the way. It pains me to have the hammer of Thor sitting uselessly in some town surrounded by honorless dogs – but I wonder if my strength as it is now will be equal to someone who (though i assume with great help) pilfered and chained up the gods.

Bael's Journal - Harpa 26th


Torik's Journal - Entry 15

Some of the team decided to make contracts with these evil implings, though nobody seems to have actually sold their souls. I guess that was a thing that was on the table. I was made to feel like the odd one out, I think, when I suggested that be a bit too far. At least a segment of the crew believed me on that. Not sure how it could even be a controversial decision but I digress.

Upon sailing we found a throng of villagers ready to set upon us, but they rethought their actions. I am glad – no glory or honor in killing the common folk. Solvi has yet to return from investigating this town, but I doubt they could cause any trouble she couldn’t handle.

We found a cave filled with treasure that some of us wanted to check out. In hindsight it was for the best, given that I don’t think one person could have managed to escape. Apparently the treasure was collected by some rabid golden badger creature. The beast pulled Silstinda under the ground with it. We eventually managed to retrieve her and would, possibly kill and collect the beast.

I made an area ready for Silstunga to be raised, but after a minute (the time it took for Arria) she did not return. I had been preparing for the worst – unknowing if the gods had grown weaker or if Silstunga had encountered some sort of failing, but just now I have seen the life return to her. We will have to debrief her on what happened, and perhaps she can tell us more of the beyond.

Part of me had wished to see what has been happening to the gods, even if I should have to suffer such a grim fate. But if there is tinkering in the realm of the gods, perhaps it is not so wise.

Bael's Journal Harpa 25th


Torik's Journal - Entry 14

This land continues to surprise – hidden corruption lies everywhere. We went to check out some heathen church and learned it was infested with the undead. We dispatched them with little danger, though we had to remove disease from several of our fellows. Perhaps in advance of our next big attack, Silstunga can infiltrate a city and buy us more. Either way, we freed the church from it’;s icy grasp. It’s not my church or my gods, but it seems ads though it was meant to be “good”, so I can feel empathy. Killing the undead gives me a better sense of satisfaction than killing the living, at least.

We found some strange, occult den at the bottom of this church. Walls made of bones, bodies interred. The priest (?) that caused this corruption trapped a couple of impish creatures here. Seems like a lot of work for what the creatures described as “A cheap joke”. It baffles me – those that waste time and resources just to harm others. Cruelty begets cruelty. A vicious cycle. Perhaps we are not ones to talk but still….

My colleagues made fast friends with these fiendlings. I don’t know how I feel with the contracts and the pacts and whatnot, but these creatures, while evil, don’t seem to intend on causing harm to the innocents. All they seem to want to do is go home for a time. I can relate, I miss my home and worry for the state of it. We have work that must be done once we return. We found some objects to bring along with us, it’;s a shame that we could not find more curatives. There will be bloodshed waiting for us ahead.

Torik's Journal - Entry 13

After dealing with the Mist, we joined our viking Kin on the great raids. However, instead of raiding our usual targets, we are raiding some new people, the Talrik. Some might think that raiding would not be on our minds, given the damning prophecy hanging over all of us. But we must press on – this is our way, our survival, our nation. As a gift, bale crafted me a fantastical sword, it’s more dangerous than any of the same I had ever seen. I do not know what arms we will find on our journey but I will treasure this weapon. Someday, I shall pass it onto my child.

I will say this about the Talriks, they are a ferocious lot despite their admittedly fair looks. We raided some kind of warrior church of theirs and, while we of course won, they put up an admirable fight. Their high priestess seemed a little off, but it’s not like I can understand what they are saying anyway. It would seem their deities, like ours, do not respond to sleight lightly. I had to remove two curses due to the damage to their holy sites. I see more similarities than differences between us, the only difference being their weirdly aristocratic ways – undoubtedly born out of wealth and plenty. A bit too soft for this world, but not everyone can be as strong as my people.

I was able to speak to my parents before the raid on the fort. Word of my accomplishments have reached home, though I feel I am only in part due the praise given. Some in the village still doubt my honor due to the….suddenness of my departure. It warmed my heart, however, to know my parents were not among them. My father described a barrow which needed to be cleaned, a mission which might restore my name in the eyes of my townsmen. Though, in telling my father the fate that weighs on me, they expressed the opinion that my reputation matters little in the grand scheme of this quest. However, I plan to clear this barrow – not for myself but for my family and my home.

Taking this fortress was necessary for our future endeavors, and vital to our raiding of this “Paris” city. With skill and Silstungas trickery, we were able to take it while only losing a couple dozen men. We were able to use our knowledge from the church to have her impersonate one of their “nobles” and she was able to send a signal up to the sky. Originally, she would have just conjured a fearsome beast. However, my suggestion to conjure a visage of mighty Odin seemed to bear fruit, panicking these Talrik people and routing the army. I prefer loss of life where possible – even at it’s more cruel fate, they still live and breathe.

While investigating this fortress of strange walls and fortifications, we found a large tunnel with a strong door, under siege. However, it turned out to be a deep gnome creature who had come to warn us. On the negative, the gnome told us that the beasts of the Underdark were a day or so behind. Due to Baels craftsmanship, our magical proficiency and the fortune of having proper materials, we were able to reconstruct the door to be stronger than before. We were fortunate – this is not my land but I have no desires of these evils being unleashed upon the world. Not to mention this would severely delay our raiding schedule.

During this time, my thoughts drift home. I hope that, while we are away, evil is not extending it’s icy grip. We have left our homemakers, injured and innocent alone, and I pray they remain safe. I also think of my God, and his weapon in the (figurative) grip of some villainous Thane. I will return successful, perhaps even with the Kind’s ear, so that we might end this threat and begin to fix what has been wronged.

Bael's Journal 12



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