Syrik: Valhalla

Torik's Journal - Session 2

Not much of import has happened over the last few days. Travel mostly, trying to catch up with the beasties. They show a bizarre intelligence in their movements, working as a traditional army might in order to confuse us. It’s not easy to get a hold of their exact numbers, but the fact that they make an effort to hide it shows a strong cunning. We best be careful.

Treated some cases of hypothermia in some of our companions. I guess it must be a bit colder for them, though the mermaid says it’s just a different kind of cold. The dwarf and the elf are working diligently to try and figure out what the runes do – they’ve got a fairly detailed idea, but as i suspected earlier the riddle is not so easily solved. Again, it echoes my reasoning of banding together to discover greater glory and unlock our destinies. I’m trying to learn the Svart language in order to communicate, since Bael seems loathe to speak Norse. I’d rather not hive him die for lack of communication.

We’re camping now that we think we have found the vile creature’s hideout. The elf went into the caves to scout. I can understand the importance of it, sure, but I keep my private council on the extent of risk I think it entails. I don’t think these creatures are the type to hold prisoners. She’s been gone awhile, and I’m starting to grow concern. We are supposed to band together, but I don’t know what we shall do if one of us dies….or worse, is turned.

Silstunga's Journal- Session 1
always written in invisible ink

~ Kyndilsmessa (februar), 5., 5429 G.B (Božji začetek) ~

You open the journal to a multitude of empty pages with only dates or only small sketches within it. As you find todays date there are 6 sketches with large amounts of empty space between them. The first sketch seems to be the rune on my neck while the other 5 are rough sketches of the other 5 who bare the mark

Solvi's Journal. Post 1

((This journal will always be kept (unless otherwise noted) in Arnvaldr’s saddle bags))

I start this writing in a new place, filled with new and odd people and goings on. It has been a few days sense I left home to set foot on this plane. A place called Syrik, to complete the mission The All Father has bestowed on me. The mission that will let me earn my place at the sides of my sisters.

This place is not as different as I expected, the halls are grand, the mead is good, the people have made themselves entertaining, and they all seem wise enough to bow the heads and raise the drink to the true gods. Odin, Thor, Freya, even Loki and the others. It is good to see this humans are not the fools they are sometimes made out to be.

When I left, it was with very little, though I suppose Arnvaldr by my side was all I need. With him, my lance, and the grace of Odin, nothing will stand in my way as I seek out and complete this quest.

Still though, it seems, I now find myself with quite a bit more then nothing. I have found myself tied up in the fates of others when a dream was shared by all. A dream of a mysterious man, a burning pain, and then of Odin as he brushed this man away. When I awake I found myself still in the mead hall, with only two others who were awake. Two other rubbing the backs of their necks and looking around confused. Until we starts to figure out what happened.

At first, I thought it was some pissant little human, looking to carve people up in their sleep for fun. So after alerting the Jarl to this pathetic being in his presence, we left to speak to a priest at the temple of Thor.

We were there only a few minuets before others started to arrive. Others with the same mark, claiming to have had the same dream. Knowing this, the priest began to examine the mark closer and told us that he believes it is made up of runes. At least three that they could recognize. He also determined from our dream that he thinks the mark has been given to us from the All Father himself.

So curious. Is this part of my test, my mission to fulfill before I can return home to my fathers side? Did he send me along because he did not think this group could fulfill whatever my fathers wishes are with that mark. Or did I simply get swept along on the wings of chance with this group. Regardless, it seems I am to join them for now.

Torik's Journal - Session 1

I didn’t know what to expect when I left home. In retrospect, I think my pride may have gotten the best of me. It’s not that i think I deserve better. Many men fought and gave their lives to slay that ice worm. I mourn for the men and their families. I did what I had to do to end his destructive rampage, and I will accept my part of that burden. However, the implication that I mangled my leg in order to escape the service, it’s an unheard of insult. I could not stay in Alborg, resigned to more peaceful days and a quiet priesthood. I cannot abide by my rival’s sneering face as he goes to raids. I don’t wish to be coddled here. Thor has a mission for me, and I will seek it.

Traveling to the small church in Keflavik was supposed to bring me answers. However, it only gave me more questions. I kept out of the way for awhile, helping where I can. But it would seem that trouble has met me at the door, bringing his friend opportunity. A had a strange dream, or a prophecy perhaps, about a man in a pointed hat sweeping away horrid, warped creatures assaulting me. I awoke after taking his extended hand, and was branded with a rune. I consulted with the high priest about these matters, and while he could identify Odin and the runes, not much else was clear. While sitting in the chilling evening in an attempt to clear my thoughts, a group of rabblerousers showed up on the doorsteps of the church.

A Svart that seemed loathe to speak the common tongue, an Elf that seemed to wish to avoid being seen, a mermaid of all things, a red headed foreigner, and a woman that they claim is a Valkyrie. I know not why a Valkyrie would be in this town, but she’s got the winged horse to seem to back up her credentials. I suppose time will tell. They all born the same rune that I was marked with. They seemed to know a bit more about the runes than we did.

Apparently, the runes are a combination of Perth, Nauthiz, and Wunjo. Languages are not exactly my specialty, but being from the area and in the faith allows me to know a bit of it.

From what I understand of Perth, it can mean fellowship, the alteration of chance and good omens. But it can also mean chance and pertains to the norns. Fate, then, i suppose, will be a key element. I am to understand that it could also mean doom. Nauthiz, doing what must be done, or perhaps overcoming distress. Wunjo as i understand can be made to mean the strengthening of bonds and abolishing that which ruins trust. I can guess, at least, that Odin has a purpose for us, hand picked as a group. Perhaps we are to use our talents to banish this mist but also discover the true and primal forces behind it? I can surmise no others will do, as fate generally tends to be.

I respect the All-Father, but I am not one for riddles. I can buy into the strength of a group, but I would rather see how things play out as they go.

As for this group, perhaps my own trust will be challenged here. They seem to have more concern with money and experience than glory and good acts. But, I also suppose that I do not know them so well. Most are quiet or mysterious in their ways. Credit where it is due, when the mist fiends attacked us, they all stepped up and fought their hardest. Even the mage girl was willing to get into the fray. The disease these mist-beings can spread is alarming, though we got lucky with the one case among us, I do not know if I can tend to such a thing without the necessary magic. We were lucky we didn’t need to go to Alborg for a cure, while it would not be a long visit I would hate for it to be seen as a retreat.

As a worshipper of Thor, I am honor bound to accept this challenge and stop these mists. The prospect is not exactly exciting, as the chance to turn into these creatures is a harrowing one. However, I will do what I must. I hope this omen-mark placed by Odin affords some sort of protection against this mist, as even if it is not the mist itself and simply the creatures inside of it that cause the turning, we will still need all the advantage that we can get.

Bael's Journal

~ Kyndilsmessa (februar), 5., 5429 G.B (Božji začetek) ~
Sinoči sem imel čuden nočno moro. I, ki je dregnil s čudno kolegi in nato še ena slika v koničastih klobuk je prišel in ga potisnil na stran in ponudil roko pomoči. Potem sem se zbudil s pekoč občutek ob vratu. Občutek zadnji del vratu, sem našel čuden rune je izklesan.

Po nadaljnjem pregledu sem ugotovil, da incorporrated naslednje rune:
Perth, Nauthiz, Wunjo

Imel sem zajtrk in ga obravnavali z Sudara. Na vprašanje o jasnovidcev, mi je povedala, da obiščete Asgeir Tahtinen. Ob poti, čudno slave dekle vprašal o mojih sanjah in vprašal “Ali lahko vidim?” Če želite, da je ta zdrs dekle bi me spodbudila je precej žaljivo. Dekle mi je sledil v tempelj Thor. Ob prihodu sem našel others svetovanje s Asgeir, z enakimi rune. Zdi se, da človek v koničastih klobuk je bil Odin. Asgeir ne zdi, da vedo drugo sliko.

Sem se odločil, da gredo v to skupino, kot se zdi, da je povezano tudi s to oznako. Ko smo prispeli nazaj na medica dvorani, Jarl Ulrik Skovgaard nas prosili, da vidim, če lahko naredimo nekaj o Myst. Vsakič, ko nekdo gre v Myst niso nikoli več videli.

Naš pogovor je prekinila Myst in mnogi čudna bitja prišla iz njega in nas napadli. Sem ubil več in smo zmagali. Zdi se, da so nekoč vaščani in kakšno čudno bolezen ni predvidena. Ena izmed označenih žensk, sirena, je zadela s to boleznijo in zdi se je skupina odločila, da iščejo zdravilo. Naredili smo načrte za potovanje na lborg und in poskušajo najti izkušenega zdravilca.

Se vračate na kovačijo Sudara, sem ugotovila, kaj je bilo videti dokaze, ona je delo teh bitij v Myst. Potem, mesto zbrali in drugi so bili sprejeti, vključno Asgeir smo se naučili. Naučili smo se tudi lokalna lekarna imel zdravilo v obliki napoj. Jarl bi nam plačal nekaj kovancev in napitek je kupil za zdravljenje morska deklica je. Še ena od označenih deklet, to on dokkalfar, je prišel k meni z nekaterimi slabo iz orodij, ki so vdrli in sem ji kovane nekaj novih. Nato sem vzel Sudara je kovanec in vse moje ne bi spreminjali bogastvo, da bi kupil še pozdravi napoj za Sudara. Bomo zapustili takoj, da bi spremljali te stvari nazaj v svoj vir in upajmo, da bi našli tiste, ki so bili sprejeti. Upam samo, da jo najdemo v času …


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