Syrik: Valhalla

Torik's Journal - Session 9

The endgame to this part of our little adventure has played out. We engaged in glorious battle with the witchling behind this madness. With our fortune (or perhaps lack thereof) we managed to catch the leader of this fold in the middle of her ritual. We saw Baels companion and the thane of the town waiting to be sacrificed.

I had thought that perhaps it would be an easy thing – take down the witch and the ritual fails. Her battle prowess was, however, formidable. Her minions tore us nearly to shreds and incapacitated Bael while we were holding the line waiting for the others. Thor allowed me the blessing to stand firm and hold the line while our allies beset them. Eventually we broke the spellcasters wall and she was forced to flee into the open. Already missing a foot, Solvi tore off her arm using her riding skill and she was forced to flee, saving her own sorry life.

Though we lost many good people, at least we were able to save Sudara and the Thane. The orcs also have their home back, so hopefully this will smooth over any tensions between them and the townsfolk. We know that this group is planning to unleash the mist on other locales, I just hope we can beat them to the punch.

I can feel my strength growing, as well as the burden of this task. We have dealt these troublemakers a critical blow, but we all know this is only the beginning. Will we be able to save everyone? At least we are not wandering blindly anymore.

Either way, this task is done. it is time to collect our reward and then celebrate our victory!


satheyo Saitken

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