Syrik: Valhalla

Torik's Journal - Session 8

It seems that fate has given me a bit more time to hone my skills. We investigated the smoke that we saw earlier and found it to be an Orc camp. I didn’t understand a word they said, but somehow the deal became that the mermaid fights their champion for a cure for the mist born disese and an alliance to defeat the troops garrisoned in the fort. Runs defeated the Orc champion and things proceeded smoothly. We are still outmanned, but hopefully we can make this work. I’m familiar enough with the Orcs to know that they have respectable battle prowess, but these creatures we face are unnatural and superhuman.

Apparently these Orcs used to live in the fort, and have provided maps. I hope that fighting for their home gives them an edge……I have a feeling they will need it.


satheyo Saitken

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