Syrik: Valhalla

Torik's Journal - Session 12

We returned Ylva to the tower of ice, and (despite his reputation) he was quite amenable. He gave us all gifts in return for the life of his apprentice. He’s not what you would expect from a caster of the arcane, but I guess that is perhaps a misconception on my part. Ylva was not a fan of the puns, but ui suppose it must grow tiresome after a bit. I was not expecting a reward, but the book he gave me is a fantastic manual regarding the ways of war. It will be helpful in our endeavors. I think a few of the others were a bit envious of my reward, but perhaps it is a small sign from the gods that what I am doing is for the best.

More of a reward, however, was the knowledge that he shared. He knows of the prophecy that bounds us and he is willing to assist us. Natural, he said, as he benefits as little from the end of the world as anybody else. It’s good to have an ally that can help us figure this mess out. Perhaps we will have more of a fighting chance now.

When we returned to the village, a Troll was stomping about yelling for a local woodsman. He claimed that the man killed his wife. Bael and likely Silstunga were wanting to kill it, but cooler heads won the day. The woodsman admitted to the crime after he realized that the eyes of the gods were upon him. I had hoped that the troll would grant him a merciful death, but he was given blood eagle for his crime.

A waste of a life, in the end. The killer said he was offered gold for the trolls magical parts by the same witch we drove away just a few days back. His life lost for nothing. I hope that he finds some forgiveness in the afterlife, I don’t know if he took my parting words to heart. I will not be the one to have final judgment on him. Perhaps if I was he would have a better time, or perhaps he has no afterlife to go to at all right now.

We will rest, train and equip ourselves – and then we head out again. I pray for our continued success.


satheyo Saitken

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