Syrik: Valhalla

Torik's Journal - Session 10/11

Our victory has been won but our trials do not end.

Bael and Silstunga have failed in trying to open a vault within the halls of this place. I made it clear that I do not condone stealing from those that are (At least for now) our allies. They even got Arria injured in their greedy crusade. Eventually, they surrendered to the door and I patched them up. A bit afterwards, we found a Gremlin names Kronk. He helped us finish opening the vault – at least knowing that these things were stolen by the Orcs eases my conscience a little bit. It also seems that there is some regalia of the Thor priesthood in there. I am glad, at least, that they are recovered.

We also freed the prisoners kept by the clickers – including a witch from the icy tower and Arrias owner. Arria seemed please, even despite being drunk. I think she may have won her freedom. I am glad if this the case – her stature and spellmanship belie her warriors heart. I would have attempted to barter this if she could not. (Assuming it is her desire) She has earned the right to be free. Besides, our mission of freeing the locked away deities has no masters.

Speaking of which – I was shown a vision of some usurper in a grand city that has somehow bested Thor. The hammer of my greatest patron sits defeated by his side. I do not know if the day is soon, but one day I will slay him for this treachery and free mighty Thor to reclaim his weapon.

The group convinced the orcs to celebrate with us for this victory. I am not one to turn down a victory celebration, but I hardly think this fight is over. Nevertheless, I felt compelled to drink heavily and lost my awareness. When I awoke, the orcs were slain to a man, with Silstunga missing a finger. Sil admitted that she killed the Orcs to prevent them from attacking the humans later.

I can’t honestly say that I believe that to be true for a second. I can’t fault her for her meaning – the orcs raid us norsemen occasionally and the opposite is true. It might save a violent death if they are gone. I’m fairly certain, though, she killed them just to fulfill her own ends. Nonetheless, I was able to keep peace for the day. Solvi and Runa were ready to be done with her. However, I strongly believe we need her to save the Gods.

I tried to give the Orcs as proper a burial as I could without creating even more violence. Bale defended the killing by saying he was about to send a Svart army to retake what was once, supposedly, a home for their people. That, at least, I understand. An honorable death is one thing, but to be murdered in your sleep – after partying with your allies……these Orcs might have been a little savage, but they deserved better.


satheyo Saitken

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