Syrik: Valhalla

Solvi's Journal 2

It seems many of these pages have been left blank during my journey, perhaps it is time to change that.

But where to start?

So many events have unfolded sense my time in this place. I must believe in the all fathers wisdom in sending me here, with these people, but it is hard to see the end through the fog of this battle field.

My prayers, my communications with my Father, my brothers, my family have all been lost to the void in the past days. I know this mission was to be my own, but even so, such silence, such disconnection, is worrisome. I know something to be wrong, and my blood screams at me to return home and fight. To free my family from what ever cage has kept even the all father silent. To spill the blood and shatter the souls of those that would take up arms against my homeland. But it is here I was sent in the all fathers wisdom, and it is here I shall remain, for now.

These people that that have gathered to the All Fathers call are very strange. I can sense some companionship growing in some (The fish woman does make a find meed) I can also sense distrust and perhaps ill will seeping through us. This company is not as strong as I would desire, both on the field and in its bonds to each other. But by the gods, I have not found how to make a connection with them. No drinking before battle? No drinking after a battle in celebration? Or in mourning? Or in the morning? What in the hells is wrong with these peoples thinking? Still though, if we are to work together, we must strengthen our self as a unit, and I must figure out how.


satheyo MaskedIllusion

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